Effect of Climate Change

Effect of Climate Change

Somtochukwu Ladydiana Okoye made this short video that talks about the effects of climate change in Nigeria and also suggests solutions that individuals can do to halt the effects of climate change.

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  • Young Nigerians Discuss Climate Change

    As world leaders are debating global solutions to climate change, ordinary Nigerians await concrete measures that would cushion the effects of climate change on their environment. The Heinrich Böll Foundation asked Nigerians to tell their own, local stories about how climate change affects them. From the 38 entries submitted to the competition in November 2015, two winners emerged: Doreen Nlekwa from Port Harcourt and Daniel Akinjise from Lagos.

    By Doreen Nlekwa, Daniel Akinjise
  • Plant for Planet

    Abdulfatai Usman sent in this short story of a young boy who loses his friend, a tree, and comes to the realization that the more trees were cut down, the more harmful the effects on the environment. The young boy then goes ahead to organize his friends and classmates to take tree planting more seriously.

    By Abdulfatai Oludare Usman
  • Bad Weather

    This entry by Polycarp Ehidiamen is a story of a conversation between two sisters who are lamenting about how harsh the harmattan has become. The conversation grows into a short explanation by the older sister on how this was an effect of climate change, ending with their personal resolves on how to fight it.

    By Ehidiamhen Polycarp Onosedeba
  • Let's Up The Game For Kosi!

    Ezenekwe Elochukwu, a volunteer climate change advisor to the Anambra State Ministry of Environment sent in this real-life action on how erosion affected the life of a young girl and her community. He also talks about how deforestation is contributing to climate change evident in gully erosion.

    By Elochukwu Ezenekwe


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