Green Deal Nigeria

Green Deal Nigeria

Green Economy Dossier

People, Profit, Planet


A green budget for Jigawa State

Taking the concrete case of a typical Jigawa State annual budget, this report charts an alternative vision which takes into account the long-term cost of environmental damage and of underdeveloping the local economy. The green solutions in this report include replacing chemical with organic fertiliser, thereby creating more than 1,000 local jobs; the report also calculates the benefits of buying solar irrigation pumps rather than diesel powered pumps – resulting in savings of more than N 12 billion over a decade.

Jigawa Rising

Jigawa State is one of the poorest states in Nigeria, with a high rate of desert encroachment. Within the framework of its Comprehensive Development plan, the state government is also looking at green development options. This is the story of a process that started with a study into the green development options for Jigawa State and now involves the Chamber of Commerce, Jigawa’s Bakery Association and the government’s Budget and Economic Planning unit. Watch video…

Download to Study (Socially inclusive sustainable development In a climate stressed Northern Nigeria: A Case Study of Jigawa State

The baker and the tree

In the northern Nigerian state of Jigawa, the demand for firewood for baking bread has resulted in unsustainable felling of trees. This has further accentuated the problem of desert encroachment. Watch this video and contact us on if you have a solution.

Green Deal Nigeria – The Project

Green Deal Nigeria is an initiative aimed at creating a debate on greener development options for Nigeria. Whether young, jobless, banker, market woman or politician- Green Deal Nigeria wants all of these to debate where Nigeria should go in terms of economic growth and social justice. After the Occupy movement, how can Nigerian citizens influence politics and development in a country with high levels of corruption and low levels of policy implementation?


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