Sustainable West Africa

A Do or Die Affair: Episode 3 of Radio Drama on Land (Agroecology)

Small Scale Family Farming/Production Systems based on agro-ecological and indigenous approaches, that sustain food sovereignty and the livelihoods of communities can be the answer to climate change and land grabbing. Many farmers migrate to urban areas or foreign countries because they don’t know how to improve their farms.

False Promise – Radio Drama Episode 2 (Land & Corruption)

A broad alliance from World Bank to G8, from governments to multi-national corporations promotes large scale agriculture to improve food security, to create jobs and to bring development to rural communities. Very often farmers give up their land rights to follow this dream.

La Victoire des OSCc sur une Injustice

Dans un avenir proche, les peuples vont se réveiller et les puissants accapareurs vont s’affaiblir devant les raisonnements et les attitudes des populations autochtones vis-à-vis de leur patrimoine foncier, imagine Mohamed Salifou de Synergie Paysanne, Benin.

Towards a Sustainable West Africa

Land grabbing is on the rise. Farmland is one of the natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa where demand is high due to expected high yields, be it at stock markets or by sales as produce for consumption or for bio-fuel.  Governments see land as a potential resource to create income, to collect revenues and to find investors who speed up development and modernisation. At the same time West African countries experience drought, floods and the encroachment of the desert as well as a ruthless plundering of land for mining, urban estates and large scale agro-businesses. How can people and communities fight for Justice? How can development for communities be sustainable and what would that look like? How to avoid a sell-out of land to large scale investors?  How does West Africa achieve a land use that is guaranteed land justice without evictions, expulsions, loss of land and consequently loss of community’s basis for their livelihoods?

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