How to Solve the Water Crisis in Lagos, Nigeria

How to Solve the Water Crisis in Lagos, Nigeria - Heinrich Böll Stiftung Abuja Office

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Lagos State is currently dealing with an acute water crisis. This explainer video provides a policy solution that would improve quality water access to all, especially for low-income communities.



Pesticide Use Among Small Scale Women Farmers

Meeting Nigeria's Electricity Needs

Meeting Nigeria's Electricity Needs: Is Nuclear an Option?

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Delta State Renewable Energy Policy Roadmap

Pesticide Atlas (Nigeria Edition)

In beer and in honey, on fruit and on vegetables, in grass on playgrounds and even in urine and in the air – traces of pesticides from agriculture can be detected everywhere. That pesticides negatively impact human health, biodiversity, water, and soil is not a new insight by any means The new and first Pesticide Atlas reveals new facts and data on global pesticide use and trade, its impact on people, their health and biodiversity, and alternative solutions.

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Perspectives Africa

Perspectives is a publication series of the Africa offices of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The series provides a platform for experts from Africa to express their views about issues pertinent to the democratic and sustainable development agenda in the region.

The latest edition of Perspectives tackles questions of state capture, and how the concept can contribute to understanding and strengthening democracies across Africa. Our contributors also open the possibilities that emerge when “state capture” is released from particular institutional settings and national boundaries.

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