Meeting Nigeria's Electricity Needs

Meeting Nigeria's Electricity Needs: Is Nuclear an Option?

Policy Roadmap Cover Page

Delta State Renewable Energy Policy Roadmap

Perspective Front Cover

Perspectives #01/2021: African Feminisms Across Generations

Nigeria's 2023 Elections: Will the Youths Have their Say?

Nigeria is approaching its seventh consecutive election since the return to democracy in 1999, marking 24 years of uninterrupted democratic rule. This is the longest such period in the country’s history and reason to celebrate. However, times are turbulent. As social and economic challenges mount, many young Nigerians are determined to have their say in the country’s future.

Plastic Atlas (Nigeria Edition)

In addition to the hard facts, data and figures telling the story of plastic from a global perspective, the Nigeria edition of the Plastic Atlas provides insights into the particular challenges facing Africa’s most populous country.

Perspectives Africa

Perspectives is a publication series of the Africa offices of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The series provides a platform for experts from Africa to express their views about issues pertinent to the democratic and sustainable development agenda in the region.

The latest edition of Perspectives tackles questions of state capture, and how the concept can contribute to understanding and strengthening democracies across Africa. Our contributors also open the possibilities that emerge when “state capture” is released from particular institutional settings and national boundaries.