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Green Deal Nigeria is an initiative aimed at creating a debate on greener development options for Nigeria. Whether young, jobless, banker, market woman or politician- Green Deal Nigeria wants all of these to debate where Nigeria should go in terms of economic growth and social justice. After the Occupy movement, how can Nigerian citizens influence politics and development in a country with high levels of corruption and low levels of policy implementation?

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Are You Free on the Internet in Nigeria?

If passed into law, the so-called “Social Media Bill” before the Senate in December 2015 would impose penalties of two years in jail or fines up to 5 million Naira for using the internet to send ‘abusive statements’. The bill makes it the 38th bill which in whole or part attempts to limit freedom of speech online, invade internet privacy or introduce internet surveillance and policing in Nigeria. And there is more, as ‘Gbenga Sesan outlines in his report on Internet Governance in Nigeria.Download PDF

HISTORY: The History of Coal in Nigeria

A major incentive for colonial rule in Nigeria were her natural resources and the wealth hidden beneath her soils, including large deposits of minerals strewn around the country. So alluring and wide spread were these deposits that it motivated the colonial government to amalgamate the territories now known as Nigeria for easier colonial management and transportation to Europe.  Abiodun Baiyewu-Teru looks at the history of coal in Nigeria

By Abiodun Baiyewu-Teru

Megacity Lagos

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation runs the Megacity Lagos programme from a liaison office in the City. Cutting across all projects, our partners emphasise the need to include Lagos citizens in urban planning and implementation processes at the local and State Government level. Our aim is to offer a discussion platform where ideas for a sustainable and equitable Lagos can emerge - so that Lagos would be called not only the biggest but also one of the most liveable cities in Africa.

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Public Private Partnerships and the Informal Sector

Lagos State government increasingly ventures into Public Private Partnerships to provide infrastructure in forms of roads, waste management, water supply; even complete residential and commercial “city” projects are outsourced. A very controversial development is the rebuilding of open markets by private developers disrupting decade old economic and social patterns in the informal sector

By Gbenga Komolafe

International Politics

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation is part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. The foundation is active world-wide with 30 regional and country offices. In Nigeria the first office was established in Lagos in May 2002.

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