Land and Agriculture


Reaching Out In Penury - The uphill task of the Nigerian Extension worker

The World Bank standard ratio of an extension worker to farmers is 1:800 (ie one extension worker to 800 farmers) but in Nigeria the current ratio stands at 1:3500 (ie one extension worker to three thousand five hundred farmers). In this short film, extension workers share their plight in carrying out their duty despite inadequate funding and support from the government.

Re-Greening the Sahel

The current drought in West Africa is affecting more than 6 million people in the Republic of Niger, with international agencies calling for large scale emergency aid. But many farmers in the densely populated regions of Maradi and Zinder along the southern border of Niger would be much worse off today if they had not started their own campaign to fight the decline in soil fertility and desertification. Their technique is called Natural Regeneration, or simply Re-Greening. Niger farmers have re-greened 5 million hectares of land over the past 10 to 30 years, producing an additional 500,000 tons of food of cereals per year.



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