Human Rights

The public costs obscured by the Olympic budget

The Rio Olympics have already cost more public money than official numbers show. An analysis by Julia Bustamante and Caio Lima, Instituto Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul (PACS).

This training manual is a harmonization of major manuals in Nigeria and is designed to assist organizations and trainers in designing, conducting, and evaluating paralegal trainings across Nigeria. It provides high quality training, empowerment and capacity building for trainers who will train paralegals in addressing various issues of human abuses in Nigeria.


A paralegal is a person qualified through education, training or work experience to perform substantive legal work customarily performed by a lawyer. Though paralegals are not lawyers they play an important role in bridging the gap between the poor and increase access to justice.

Oby Nwankwo, Executive Director CIRDDOC reflects on the Paralegal Concept in Nigeria and the Way Forward.

Heinrich Böll is one of the most important and best-known writers of the Federal Republic of Germany. "Bound by the times and my contemporaries, to what my generation has lived through, experienced, seen, and heard," as he himself wrote, he was the critical chronicler of Germany’s history at mid-century.