ECO Trio Adventurers - Oil And Gas

Follow the exciting adventure of three young Africans as they journey through the creeks of the Niger Delta, Forest of Northern Nigeria and megacity Lagos. Discover their findings and share their experiences as they see the connection between resource exploitation and conflicts.

Because we may need to double our global food production by 2050 to feed the projected world population, it is important that farmers are able to have access to the knowledge of how best to keep the effects of climate change to the barest minimum. With higher temperatures and unpredictable weather events disrupting life sustaining agriculture, combining the need for renewable energy with climate-friendly farming practices is the way to go. agric_volume_1.pdf


A city without a slum??? This Eco Trio adventure highlights the reality of Makoko, an area built on the frontage of the Lagos lagoon and points to feasible ways in which some of their problems can be addressed especially through regenerative planning. makoko_volume_2.pdf


Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and holds the largest natural gas reserves on the continent. While oil continues to play a dominant role in the economy, the social and environmental cost of oil pollution has been extensive. At current production levels, Nigeria’s oil reserves could be depleted in 15 to 40 years. But burning all the oil on this planet would lead to global warming of dangerous levels. Countries will sooner or later need to look for more sustainable fuels. oil_and_gas_volume_3.pdf