Makoko-Iwaya Waterfront Economic Opportunities

Makoko on Water – it’s a fascinating boat ride through an autarkic and vibrant, still peaceful community on water within an ever busy, noisy and hectic Megacity. Although the lack of government support and infrastructure result in poor living conditions, the communal life offers exemplary potentials to adapt to rapid urbanisation and climate change in coastal cities. The “Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan” - a comprehensive people-centered development framework – was submitted to the Ministry of Physical Planning in October 2013. One of the major objectives is ensuring participation and community ownership in the formulation, implementation and sustainability of the plan. It looks at all facets of life and development in Makoko-Iwaya Waterfront including land use, housing, tourism opportunities, tenure security, funding strategies and an institutional framework for implementation and management.

The idea of the Regeneration Plan centers on the assumption that upgrading of infrastructure and the transformation of the communities can only succeed if its residents are empowered to contribute with their own funds. This brochure gives you an idea of the identified potential for economic empowerment as an integral part of the Regeneration Plan. Supported by a working group with members of the communities, professionals, academicians and human rights organizations, Fabulous Urban developed the concept of “Decentralized Neighborhood Hotspots” powered by biogas facilities which offer a wide range of micro-entrepreneurial opportunities for a resource-based economy. The income will be sufficient to pay each worker an appropriate salary and still save money in a fund for the general maintenance of the facility so that it can be self-sustainable. “Opportunity Cards” describe and visualize these job potentials with a cost/benefit analysis for necessary financial investments which, if implemented within the framework of the Regeneration Plan through concerted efforts from society, government and the communities, could turn the Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront communities into a worldwide showcase of a sustainable and flood-resilient lifestyle