PAYG Executive Summary

Lack of reliable electricity is putting a brake on Nigerian development. Half of Nigerians have no access to electricity, the other half make do with generators as the grid is failing their needs. Pay As You Go Solar (PAYG Solar) provides clean electricity to individual households, anytime anywhere. The solar panels provide between 1 and 5 kva to the household, enough to run a small business such as a tailor or barber shop during 24 hours per day. Finance is provided a 100 per cent by the PAYG solar company, which commits to providing quality service through an MoU with government. Government regulates and rewards honest business with interest waivers and tax holidays. Customers pay on a monthly basis and own the panels after 2 years without having to pay a large sum upfront (no loan scheme required at consumer level). PAYG Solar is fast growing in East Africa, with companies such as MobiSol and M-KOPA installing many MW in Tanzania, Kenya. There is no limit to growth as the business is built on quality service provided in small household and MSME units.

Product details