Drama SeriesLagos Na Wa

Debunking Myths and Stereotypes

It has been convenient to lay the blame for urban dysfunction in Lagos on the majority of urban poor living in the city, leading to a mismatch between the causes for the dysfunction and solutions proffered. This satire-drama series, produced by our partner Rethinking Cities and starring Lepacious Bose, a prominent actress in Nigeria, debunks a selection of popular stereotypes and myths, which are at the root of a number of development policies in Lagos, as she reflects on alternative city-making strategies that are more inclusive.

Episode 1 Myth: Lagos is Over-Populated

Our host debunks the famous Lagos myth surrounding the city's population. Is Lagos over-populated or not? Find out in this episode.

Episode 2 Myth: Slums are Synonymous with Criminality

Our host takes Mr. City Planner on an emotional journey through the lives of slum dwellers about to be evicted by his real estate project. Will she be able to convince the City Planner that people living in a slum are hard working to earn their livelihoods?

Episode 3 Myth: Infrastructure Means Development

Our host explains why emphasis on investment in people will be more important for the city's development than the current emphasis on big infrastructure projects.

Episode 4 Myth: Women are the Weaker Sex

Are women really the weaker sex? What exactly do the facts say? Our host looks into this issue in a bid to answer these questions.

Episode 5 Myth: Street Trading is the Cause of Traffic in Lagos

Although street traders are the major contributors to Lagos' revenue, they are often blamed for the cause of traffic in Lagos. How true is this myth? Our host explains more.

Episode 6 Myth: Sand Filling will Solve the Housing Crisis in Lagos

What if real estate developers were truly honest about the devastating impact of their sand filling projects for luxury housing on neighboring communities. This parody commercial video tries to paint such a picture.

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