Fabienne Hoelzel
Owner, Fabulous Urban

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Fabienne Hoelzel (DIPL ARCH MAS ETH GTA) is the director of FABULOUS URBAN, an urban design and planning practice for developing and emerging regions. She has worked as the Urban Design and Planning Program Coordinator at São Paulo's social housing and urban development authority Sehab, Brazil, conducting one of Latin America‘s largest slum-upgrading programmes. In 2012, Sehab was awarded the UN HABITAT Scroll of Honor for its work. Fabienne was the assistant-curator of the 4th IABR 2009 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to Kees Christiaanse, and worked before with Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, after studies in architecture in Switzerland and the US, and receiving her diploma with honors. Fabienne also holds a research position at the institute of Urban Design at the ETH Zürich.