Living off The Grid In Nigeria

Living off The Grid In Nigeria

Within the newly developed Guzape District in the heart of Abuja lays a unique 10-apartment block building. None of the apartments is connected to the electricity grid, although the grid has reached Guzape District. The building is running on a hybrid system of solar and wind energy, providing enough electricity for the residential apartments, including air conditioning. For Sulaiman Yusuf, the renewable energy entrepreneur behind the construction, the buildings are proof that Nigeria’s energy future has a large off-grid component. In this video Mr Yusuf explains the technical and financial set-up of the buildings.

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Engr Israel

Dear, I've always been saying to you it is never enough to have the cash but the creativity of ideas and inspiration. More grease to your elbow Sir.
This is beautiful and desirable.

Abdulrahman Ado


Engr Obidi Bright

Nigeria as a country is blessed in all ramification. i e People, Natural Resources and excellent climate. Yet the entire system is suffering as a result of Corruption, Lack of Direction and Dedication on the Leadership and follower ship. I hope the giant stride set by Mr Suleiman will be an eye opener to the Government and Policy drivers of Nigeria for achievement of Energy Efficiency and sustainability.

Lizzy Igbine mrs

Thank you for capturing the Grid in Guzape as a sample, Knowing the cluster of people living in Guzape, It is most expected. The Grid is to support climate change actions of low emmisions and sustainable development. Climate change realities are here with us, Nigeria have an adaptation framework we wrote in 2012 with Federal Miniistry of Environment. This is never implimented or reviewed which would have opened oportunities to evaluate impact assesment. In the document also is climate advocasy and sensitization, this also have been jetissioned. The lessons of 2012 are still fresh with us but never revivisited. We call for a greater citizens involvement in climate change advocasy and gaps mitigation as climate change affects both the rich and the poor. We have no other Earth than where we are. We must work to protect it.

Babatunde Olusa...

This is a giant stride in the history of renewable energy solutions in Nigeria. The government should key into this and empower the sector. This can transform our economy. Yes We Can! Weldone to Blue Camel Energy. Congratulations.

Arinze Mba

This is ingenuity at its highest form vis a vis clean power generation! Thank goodness it is coming in the lifetime of our Change administration in Nigeria. H/ever, I strongly opine that governments in south sahara Africa should partner with Mr. Yusuf (and his likes) in order to replicate such technology in large scale for overall good of the populace. Kudos Mr. Yusuf, we are proud of you!