Sustainable Cities

Abuja for All Cover Page

Abuja, A City for All

This publication explores Abuja's evolution from a symbol of Nigerian unity to a city facing challenges of unplanned urban sprawl resulting in evictions and uncertainty. It discusses the need for a review of the Abuja Master Plan, emphasizing inclusive development, affordable housing, streamlined governance, and participatory planning as key recommendations.

The Fair Shared City Approach to Urban Community Development

This four–chapter booklet introduces the concept of a Fair Shared City and outlines how this concept has been implemented in Oworonshoki Community in Lagos while providing a planning checklist for other communities who wish to adopt this inclusive model of urban planning.
Resilience Plan Cover Page

Ajegunle-Ikorodu Community Resilience Action Plan

The University of Lagos Centre for Housing Sustainable Development supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria partnered with community members to prepare this Resilience Action Plan for the Ajegunle-Ikorodu community in Lagos to prevent, anticipate and respond to shocks and stresses from both natural and man-made occurrences.

Urban Planning Processes In Lagos

The revised, second edition (2018) of “Urban Planning Processes in Lagos” is the result of a yearlong research process that examines the relation between urban policies, urban interventions, the role of governance, and the different actors in Lagos. The publication shows that Lagos urban policies do not often benefit those at the centre of economic development: the Lagosians – of which a significant number lives below the poverty line.