Imagine… clean energy for all Nigerians

Clean energy in 2030...

Imagine... millions of women sitting down for an hour every night to read books with their daughters. Cooking food on clean cook stoves reducing firewood consumption by 70 per cent. Grinding flour and fetching water made easy by abundant solar, wind and hydro energy from household or community-owned installations independent of the national grid. Imagine... millions of young men remaining on their ancestral lands as farms are irrigated by solar-powered water pumps, enabling them to grow, process, eat or sell food.

Imagine... a modern transport sector and sophisticated public transport system, both in-town and across the country, with all vehicles fuelled by compressed natural gas or renewable electricity.

Imagine... millions of jobs created in the renewable energy and domestic manufacturing sectors. Small enterprises building appliances for use by Nigerian farmers, craftsmen, market women.

Imagine... this growing industry thriving even when oil reserves run out, because in 2012 decisions were taken to foster a green economy that is socially inclusive.