A Fair Shared City

Feminist Perspectives on Urban Development - Heinrich Böll Stiftung Abuja Office

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A Fair Shared City concept is an urban planning framework from a feminist perspective, which recognizes the need for municipal services that are affordable and accessible to all. This dossier is a collection of resources and interventions we have supported towards engaging civil society, government agencies, and the private sector on this topic.
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Flaneuse - Envisioning a City for All

This Publication, commissioned by HBS Abuja office and actualized by Lagos Urban Development Initiatives, seeks to encourage readers to drive a public conversation about the potential of ignored citizens from all spheres, to re-imagine their city, and to effect equitable changes that will be inclusive and benefit of all.

The Fair Shared City Approach to Urban Community Development

This four–chapter booklet introduces the concept of a Fair Shared City and outlines how this concept has been implemented in Oworonshoki Community in Lagos while providing a planning checklist for other communities who wish to adopt this inclusive model of urban planning.