Renewables at work - The Solar Barber

A small time barber in Lagos runs his entire business with solar energy. In this video he shows us how renewable energy has been profitable for his small business.

Abi Baiyewu - Country Director, Global Rights

We need to have a long term discussion about the energy direction for the Nation

Living off The Grid In Nigeria 

In Abuja Nigeria a property developer has put up a building that runs exclusively on renewable energy. Suleiman Yusuf takes us on a tour round the building complex to show us how the energy system - of about 40KW of wind and solar- works

Amara Nwankpa - Director, Public Policy Initiative, Yar'adua Centre

We are dependent on energy sources that are fast depleting

Are Off-Grids the Answer to Nigeria’s Energy Crisis?

Nigeria’s energy crisis have lingered for too long, billions of dollars have been spent yet there is little to show for it. In this animated video we explain an alternative path the government could take through off-grid solutions to solve these power problems.

Enene Ejembi - Knowledge Management Consultant, GEMS4

Retailers spend 20% of operating cost on diesel

Funto Boroffice - Founder Chanja Datti

Biomass is an alternative source of energy we need to consider

Deji O. Deji - CEO, Protegea Nigeria LTD

The global trend shows that renewable energy has become cheaper than fossil energy

Quick fix to Nigeria's Power problems

Nigeria has always looked at the big solutions to solve our power problem but sometimes the solutions are in the small ideas like PAY AS YOU GO SOLUTION.


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