Pesticide Atlas

Facts and figures about toxic chemicals in agriculture

In beer and in honey, on fruit and on vegetables, in grass on playgrounds and even in urine and in the air – traces of pesticides from agriculture can be detected everywhere. That pesticides negatively impact human health, biodiversity, water, and soil is not a new insight by any means The new and first Pesticide Atlas reveals new facts and data on global pesticide use and trade, its impact on people, their health and biodiversity, and alternative solutions.
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Pesticide Atlas - Nigeria Edition

The Pesticide Atlas is a comprehensive overview of facts and figures on global pesticide production and consumption, its impact on people, biodiversity and the climate, and alternative solutions.

12 Brief Lessons about Pesticides in Agriculture

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Time for a "DETOX" in Nigeria's Agriculture - Heinrich Böll Stiftung Abuja Office

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This animated video presents the main findings of our recent studies on pesticide registration and use in Nigeria. It explores the dangers of highly hazardous pesticides and points to solutions that could help to improve their regulation and avoid their use.